A downloadable game for Windows

A mod of the Friday Night Funkin' where the famous songs Ectospasm and Berzerker and Good Enough and Rush E  and Make Some Noise and Last Chance is sung by a lot of mod characters and the best part is that it is playable! All credits for the characters to their respective owners.

Special Thanks to:

Punkinator7 uPicNote Type Maker

Promaster0789 Unknown Letters Mechanic Maker

TheDeej uPicControls Invert Mechanic Maker

Identity123 Chart Effects Event Maker

ImaginationSuperHero52806 Scroll Type Change Mechanic Maker

Xvik Co-Charter


AJ's BETADCIU - Last Chance.zip 589 MB

Install instructions

1. Download The File

2. Extract The Folder 

3. Open PsychEngine.exe


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